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As professional sign language interpreters in the field, all 24 HOUR sign Language Interpreters follow a nationally established Code of Ethics to uphold professional standards.

24 HOUR Sign Language Interpreters are Committed To

A coordinator available by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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24 HOUR Professional Interpreters strictly adhere to a nationally established Code of Ethics, following such standards as:

  • Keeping assignment related information strictly confidential.
  • Not omitting or adding to the intended message.
  • Remaining impartial by not counseling, advising, or interjecting personal opinions.
  • 24 HOUR Sign Language Services, Inc. independent contractors are insured.

Common Settings for Interpreting Services Including, but not limited to:

Business Meetings | On-the-job Training | Medical Emergencies | Legal
Routine Doctor Visits | Public Access Events | Counseling | Mental Health

Be ready to provide the following information related to the assignment for which you are requesting interpreting services:

  • Date services desired
  • Times and length of assignment
  • Location where Interpreter is needed
  • Name(s) of Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing individuals to be present
  • Mode of interpreting requested (ASL Translator, SEE, Oral)
  • Person requesting services
  • Billing address

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