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About 24 Hour Sign Language Services

About The Agency

We have approximately 40 independent contractors, all of which are RID members.

To become a RID member, one must fill out the RID membership form. On that form, there is a box that, once checked, is a promise to abide by the RID Code of Professional Conduct. Most of my independent contractors are RID Certified.

Before I hire an independent contractor, I interview them to assess their knowledge of Deaf culture, their skills, etc. I do this because it is my ultimate goal to match their skill level to my Deaf/Hard of Hearing consumers.

There are five categories I would like to describe regarding the use of certification. As I just explained that I hire both RID Certified and non-certified for the general community interpreting settings.

For educational K-12 settings, I only hire independent contractors who hold their EIPA State Certification.

In VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) I hire only RID Certified Interpreters.

In legal settings, I only hire interpreters who hold their SCL Certification, which is RID’s national specialty certificate for legal settings – and I also hire interpreters who not only hold RID Certification but also are State qualified to interpret in legal settings.

Lastly, I hire Certified Deaf Interpreters as well as Deaf individuals who interpret in settings but are not RID Certified. Thank you.